Automatic intermittent three side seal Pouch Making Machine

side seal & zipper stand up pouch machine

Technical Specifications:

Type of Pouches : 3 Side seal, standup zipper pouches.
Maximum Reel Width 1100 mm.
Maximum Reel Diameter 500 mm.
Pouch Width 500 mm
Max. Pouch Length 600 mm long max.
Electricial Power Supply 3 Phase, 430 V, 50 Hz.
Power Consumption 9 KW
Air requirement 6-7 kg per sq. cm
Air Consumption 8 cfm
Line speed 8-25 meters per minute (Depend on Laminate)
Machine Space required W-2 met * L-9.6 met. * H-3 met.(Approx).
Control Panel of International quality.
Cooling By water at room temprature.